Queensland Growers

CHS Broadbent have an experienced domestic grain marketing team based in Toowoomba that are here to assist growers with all of their grain marketing needs.  We have a specific focus on originating grain on an ex Farm basis across Queensland.

With our fleet of modern bulk haulage trucks to support our marketing business we have a simple philosophy of ensuring we deliver on our commitments to growers and customers on time, every time.


We are Buyers and Sellers of all grades of Wheat from APH1 down to FED1, Feed and Malt Barley, Sorghum, Chick Peas and other pulse crops.

We offer unique contracting options for growers who store grain on farm throughout Queensland and Northern NSW.  We purchase grain on either  an ex farm and delivered Toowoomba basis.  We can also offer pricing on a Delivered Container Terminal basis for our export customers.

Grain Marketing Contact
Robert MacDougall
Mobile: 0418 790 785
Email: R.MacDougall@chsbroadbent.com
1/57 Heinemann Road,
Toowoomba QLD 4350